The Posture Project Yoga & MassageYoga in Woodstock, GA Yoga in Marietta, GA Yoga in Canton, GA Yoga in Acworth, GA Yoga in Roswell, GA Yoga in Atlanta, GA  Infrared Sauna and John of God Crystal Bed
The Posture Project Yoga & MassageYoga in Woodstock, GA Yoga in Marietta, GA Yoga in Canton, GA Yoga in Acworth, GA Yoga in Roswell, GA Yoga in Atlanta, GA  Infrared Sauna and John of God Crystal Bed
The Posture Project Yoga & MassageYoga in Woodstock, GA Yoga in Marietta, GA Yoga in Canton, GA Yoga in Acworth, GA Yoga in Roswell, GA Yoga in Atlanta, GA  Infrared Sauna and John of God Crystal Bed
Yoga Retreat


Everyone is friendly and extremely professional. I have been going there since they opened and have been pleased with the Massage aspect...haven't had the time to try the Yoga. 
- Abby Shiffman 07/11/11
Great Yoga Classes at the Posture Project

I found there to be a variety of yoga classes for all needs at the Posture Project from restorative to strengthen and tone. Meditation is a vital part of each class and brings a calming, centering influence.

The instructors are talented and each brings their own unique approach to teaching, keeping classes fresh and interesting.

All the staff care about the needs of each individual yoga student and encourage learning at the appropriate levels.

I highly recommend the yoga experience at The Posture Project.                                                                                  5 Star Rating by Jeff Pergl on 07/11/2011 
A Caring Place

The Posture Project is a place where you are greeted with warmth and acceptance and where you can shed your worries and focus on strengthening and healing your body and your spirit. I highly recommend it.
5 Star Rating by Chantal Gourlay on 07/11/2011 
Fantastic Experience!!!

Tried the infared sauna and really enjoyed my results. Looking to purchase a package to help detox even further. The owners were present, very friendly and helpful!

5 Star Rating by Chris on 07/11/2011 
Good Class 

I attended one class here when I was trying new yoga studios. The class was great but I was looking for a studio that offers more challenging classes once and a while. For what it's intended to be, this studio is great, though!

4 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 07/11/2011 

I used to have debilitating tension headaches almost every day in addition to trouble with TMJ. Working consistently with Ann, my headaches and jaw tension all but disappeared! Not only does Ann make me feel better, she explains what's going on with my body so I can try to make simple changes at home as well. I went from popping pain relievers every day to almost never needing them. That is an amazing life change I am thankful for every day. 
5 Star Rating by FollyGirl on 06/23/2011 

great class. Just what I requested. Shalan is great                                                                                                         5 Star Rating by Anne Bird on 05/25/2011 

Wonderful! Can't wait for my next one.                                                                                                            5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 05/03/2011 
I've NEVER had a bad class at The Posture Project

Yoga class is the best part of my day. All of the teachers at this studio are professional, talented, and truly caring people. The classes are perfect for beginners but still challenging to other levels. I recommend this place to everyone I know!                                                      5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 05/02/2011 
9am classes MWF

Love this class. Perfect way to start the day.                                                                                                                      5 Star Rating by KB on 04/25/2011 
Great Job!

I started using the Posture project 2 years ago twice a month. A Car accident left me unable to work full time due to severe muscle spasms in my back. All three therapist at the Posture Project not only did a great job aleviating my muscle spasms they all offered me different exercises, stretches and advice on things I could do at home and at work to help my condition. 
                                                                                                                                                                               5 Star Rating by Ken Lemal on 04/25/2011 
Shalan has a gift for coaxing the mind to meditation.                                                                                             5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 04/19/2011 

It was awesome as always! Body work is a perfect description. I would highly recommend it :0)
                                                                                                                                                                      5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 04/17/2011 
I have been coming to the Posture Project for a number of years now. I first started coming at my wife's urging and I can honestly say that doing so has changed my life. Annie and Shalan make yoga classes so personal and they care so deeply about each and every student's well being. I love both their live classes as well as the on-line version.

The massages I get at the Posture Project are incredible. I feel like a new me after each one and regardless of who you actually get the massage from, you can be sure that whatever is out of whack will be taken care of. Maybe not 100% after only one session, but certainly after a few more.

I can't say enough good things about this studio. There are a lot of yoga and massage businesses out there but very, very few that treat you like Annie and Shalan. Go, you won't be sorry.
                                                                                                                                                                               5 Star Rating by Ron Gastin on 11/05/2010 
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are amazing :))   Kim                                                5 Star Rating by Kim Roberts Banker on 08/10/2010 
My job had me driving 250 + miles a week and I did yoga and had a massage every two weeks to maintain a healthy back and mind. Even so, the time my back completely spasmed on me was a day the The Posture Project team was off and the center closed. Thankfully, Annie picked up the phone and told me to come in anyway. With her sports massage backgro und and a little effort on my part I was walking within an hour and my back was relieved. This kind of spasm would usually last days and cause me to miss work! I was amazed and very very grateful!! 
                                                                                                                                                                                 5 Star Rating by Stacy T. on 06/20/2010 
I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain going on 4 years now. It has been getting worse and worse over the last year. I was going to a chiropractor and getting adjusted from 1-3 times a week. About 3 months ago it started getting so bad that my adjustments were not working, I started realizing it was my muscles that were spasming and would n't release. I started getting massages (paying $70.00 ea) by the time I got out 3 hours later I felt like I did before. My neck and shoulders were hurting so bad that I was laying on ice bags and taking 7-10 muscle relaxers a week some days 3-4 a day. I was in so much pain and didn't know what to do, I started searching for a yoga/massage place to see if I could fix the problem with my muscles so that I didn't have to take medication and get my life back. I found the Posture project and came for a drop in class. I figured if it felt better or seemed to help I would sign up for a memebership. By the end of the class I felt so much better that not only did I sign up for a yoga memembership but the one with a massage. Shalan is a wonderful instructor she takes time to get to know you, asks everyone what they need to focus on so she can mold the class around everyone. She makes you feel good about yourself and is very helpful. I have only been to 4 classes so far but I no longer take any pills haven't been to the chiropractor and I am no longer in pain. She tought me stretching poses that I can use at work or anywhere when I start tightening up. I then went to a massage with Ann and I have had 100's of massages and this was the best one I have ever had. I was so relaxed afterwards and felt very comfortable wtih her. These ladies will make you feel good physically and emotionally I would recommend The Posture Project to anyone. 
                                                                                                                                                                                       5 Star Rating by Kalie on 06/28/2009

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