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The Life Changer Program
A 6- Month Journey back to YOU!

Are You Ready for The Life Changer Course at the Posture Project?
You've hit a wall.
It seems like your world is not quite what you imagined it to be. Maybe, you are in a relationship that is going NOwhere, or Your job is your life. Or, maybe you are just feeling like you are on the raw and ragged edge and just need to find the reset button. 

If this is your current situation, then you are ready for change! 

Most of the time, we feel we are not in charge of our lives. That we are just going through the motions and our world is in charge of us.
 This is called “creating by default”. 
When you learn to deliberately create, that's when you feel in charge of your life! Join me and explore what YOU want in your life and how YOU want it to go. 


 What to expect from The Life Changer Program

Generally, this course begins each day with yoga or meditation to get the mind and body flexible, then we learn how we each are creating our lives, we explore the mind-body connection and learn the language of the body, we talk about energy and how to work with it, etc..., then, we journal about it. Next, we learn to use meditation as a tool for change and understanding. Not to mention, that we'll be doing this with an amazing group of individuals that will probably feel instantly like good family!

And, somewhere, somehow, between the "lightbulbs and ah-ha's", the tears and the laughter, you will:

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself 
Feel More Empowered
Develop Self-Love
Get at the root of what's holding you back 
See your relationships in a better light
Get Clear about what you want & don't want
Get back on track
Find your Freedom

how our minds effect our bodies
how to change our minds and see our world in a better light
how we really are creating our life whether we know it or not
how to discover the beliefs that hold you back from what you want
and how to create the life you want. 


You'll get 3 private coaching sessions with Annie to help you work one-on-one with your specific challenges or any dialoguing that may be needed to have your breakthrough.


You'll also get a large, cotton, buckwheat filled meditation pillow for your comfort in your journey inward. 

  Classes start January 6, 2019!

Here are the dates:
January 6, 13, 27
February 10, 24
March 10, 24
April 14, 28
May 5, 19
June 2, 9

          Cost: $2,200 (Includes 3 private coaching sessions with me, Annie and a meditation pillow) 

        $500 Non-Refundable Deposit is Required to Reserve Your spot in this class. 
 Class is limited to 12 new students
The remaining balance will be due the first day of class.
No drop-ins allowed. No refunds for missed classes. Each class will be videotaped so students can view later if they miss a class. 

Payment plan is available. 

Cost: $2,250
(Service fee for payment plan of $50 is included)
$500 Down
$350 Mo. for 5 months (Jan. - May, 2019)

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I can't wait to see what your life will be!

This course is over 20 years in the making. Annie, Certified Life and Ho'oponopono Coach, started learning how to meditate in 1997, then, after she graduated from massage school, she started observing the correlations between injuries and sickness and the way her clients were feeling at the time of sickness or injury as well as observing herself and her processes over the last 20 years. Now she has combined the information she has gleaned to help others to understand the mind-body connection and how to change the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create their lives, to help them change the patterns associated with the parts of their lives that they want to change, and support them along the way.


Payment Plans are available!
Life's Too Short To Not Love Your Life!
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